Wednesday, 18 January 2017

La La Land: A Film for the Dreamers.

"City of stars, are you shining just for me?"

In this homage to film history and the golden age of Hollywood, Damien Chazelle has created an era defining masterpiece that people most definitely should give a shit about. His newest feature La La Land is utterly magnetic in every sense of the word. From the opening sequence, the audience are dazzled by the intoxicating beauty of his use of song and colour. Straying from the path of Broadway cliche, this movie strikes ambition and soul into the heart's of everyone that watches it.

Extravagant parties, blazing sunshine, old school glamour, stunning backdrops, underground jazz club's, wonderful colours - just a few of the devices used to capture the wonderful originality that lies within the Los Angeles city limits. This is the age old story of the struggling actor and the passionate musician. The bright light's of Hollywood are calling their names as they strive to make it big time in the city of dreams. But, amazingly, Chazelle has shown us that a tale like this does not have to burdened with cliche. 

I loved the soundtrack in more ways than words can describe. It toys with the idea of giving a nuanced sound to the traditional Hollywood musical. Justin Hurwitz gives us lyrics that are both joyous and melancholic. They encourage us to be eccentric, to fall in love with someone who inspires us, to take risks, to dream. The melodies fit like a glove and manage encapsulate the spirit of Los Angeles in such a limited amount of time. When I listen to it, my heart is filled. 

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